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    I have written for many years, producing novels and text books.  Many of my articles and short stories have been published in commercial publications. I have produced a few song lyrics, which have been recorded by a folk singer.  I set up my own publishing imprint in 1997 to take control of my own work. My second fantasy novel - The Tomatoes of Time - won the Best Fiction category in the National  Awards run by the David Thomas Trust and the Writers News. But most of all- I just love to write! My wife and I live in Rutland, a gem of a county and  the smallest in England.  Erica is an accomplished artist.

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       THE DEALER & THE HOLY GRAIL - ISBN 9781902474335     
Book Four of the Christopher Doughty Stories.
 A thriller set in Rutland and in rural Lincolnshire.
When the local vicar, John Smyth, asks Christopher Doughty, his local antique dealer, to bid for a group of three carved Oak panels at auction, the dealer thinks  they are  just another addition to John's antique collection.
However, one of the panels had been stolen from a small family church in Rocel Minor, a small village in rural Lincolnshire. The  Rocel family history believes that the wooden Chalice, encased in the stolen Oak panel, is the true Holy Grail - the cup that Christ used at the Last Supper and was later used by Joseph of Arimathea to collect Christ's blood as he died on the cross.
When unscupulous thieves learn of the Grail's existence and realise the immense value of this religious artifact, things get out of hand. Chris has to use all the experience he gained in his service days with the Paras, to save the Grail and protect its owner. The plot unfolds against a background of the dealer's regular antique dealing and his private life.
                  Price  10.00 + pp.                       
Deeping Fen

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Erica Merchant  - Wildlife Artist

Erica is a talented wildlife artist. She has exhibited at some prestigious venues. Her work is used commercially. Her Oakham studio and gallery  is open by appointment.
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