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    I have written for many years, producing novels and text books.  Many of my articles and short stories have been published in commercial publications. I have produced a few song lyrics, which have been recorded by a folk singer.  I set up my own publishing imprint in 1997 to take control of my own work. My second fantasy novel - The Tomatoes of Time - won the Best Fiction category in the National  Awards run by the David Thomas Trust and the Writers News. But most of all- I just love to write! My wife and I live in Rutland, a gem of a county and  the smallest in England.  Erica is an accomplished artist.
Two of my recent novels are showcased below. Further titles can be seen at   FICTION   or   NON FICTION BOOKS
       THE DEALER & THE DEVIL                ISBN9781902474267     
 An occult thriller set in rural Rutland.
The old vicarage in Barrowick village is sold and  becomes a Psychic College.  This brings more people into the village. A Psychic Night is arranged at the local pub, but strange things happen.
 There is a suspicious death in the nearby Rutland Water reservoir, a Black Mass is held at the vicarage and necromancy is practised in the nearby churchyard.
Chris Doughty, a local antique dealer, becomes very concerned when Sara, the barmaid at his local pub,  becomes involved with  the College.   
   At Halloween, another Black Mass is planned in the village. Chris gets involved to protect Sara but there is a death and the police are called in.   
                  Price  9.00 + pp.                       
The Dealer & the Devil
          DEEPING FEN  ISBN 9781902474243
In the early 1600's an attempt was made to drain the
 30,000 acres of Deeping Fen in South Lincolnshire. Thomas Lovell, an adventurer with experience of land drainage on the
continent, offered to undertake and pay for the task in return for a share of the new land.
 The local slodgers, fen men who fed their families by wildfowling and fishing on the fen, were opposed to the scheme. Riots followed and the fen was returned to its wild state. Lovell failed in his attempt and was ruined.
 The story follows Annie Owen, a young single mother,
her son Toby, and their neighbour, Jake Fowler, an ex soldier who had recently returned to the village of  Cubbit from
 the wars in Ireland. They were caught up in the troubles with fatal results.

Price 7.00  + pp.
Deeping Fen

                                                                                            Many of my books are now available as e-books on Kindle

Erica Merchant  - Wildlife Artist

Erica is a talented wildlife artist. She has exhibited at some prestigious venues. Her work is used commercially. Her Oakham studio and gallery  is open by appointment.
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