Non Fiction Books

I have written as many non fiction books as fiction.  My series on Taxidermy  are based on my museum experience and  on a lifetime as a hobby.  They teach the traditional  techniques used by generations of craftsmen and now include details on restoring older and antique specimens.



FISH TAXIDERMY ISBN 9781902474151   TAXIDERMY TROPHIES ISBN 9781902474168     Price. 9.50 each plus postage.

The above four books are combined in one as TRADITIONAL TAXIDERMY ISBN 9781902474212. Price 20 plus postage.

Spalding Bird MuseumCare of Longcase Clock

THE SPALDING BIRD MUSEUM. ISBN 9781902474236.  Price 18.00 plus postage.
Tells the story of this large provincial collection of foreign and British birds. The book traces the history of the collection and the men who made it possible - Ashley K Maples, the founder of the museum, and Ben Waltham, the taxidermist. It also catalogues the complete collections of  British and foreign birds, the collection of bird reference skins and the egg collection.

CARE OF THE LONGCASE CLOCK  ISBN 9781902474182  Price 5.00 plus postage.
After many years in the antique trade, specialising in restoring and selling clocks, I produced a leaflet for buyers on how to look after their purchases. This leaflet grew into this book. It tells long-case clock owners how to look after their treasures. It is an owners manual to setting up the clock, regulating and adjusting the date and strike mechanisms. I regard it as similar to a car owners manual. 

A COUNTRY CHEMIST. Memoirs of a Rural Pharmacist. ISBN 9781902474304 Price 9.00 plus postage
The memories of a career in rural pharmacy spanning over 40 years - from 1953 to 1995. This book charts the vast changes experienced by a country chemist over a lifetime of rural practice. The changes in the use of poisons like Cyanide in pest control and the use of strong medicines like Opium Tincture in mixtures, as well as the switch from mixtures to solid dose forms of medication like tablets and capsules. 

SELF-PUBLISHING BOOKS . 7.00 plus postage. After many years of successfull self publishing , the author has shared his expertise in this publication. This book is only available direct from the publisher.